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guild buff finish if i change my guild

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  • guild buff finish if i change my guild

    i want to change my guild bt want to know if i do so that all the guild skills i acquire will be finish i need to start it from 0 in new guild or what

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    Your guild skills are temporarily unavailable when you leave one guild until you join another. You do not need to start "over" but if you join a guild with a lesser skill tower, while your skills are the same you can't upgrade until they upgrade the tower.

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      You have lvl 3 skills (example)
      You leave/kicked from guild Now they are INACTIVE (THey do not boost your stats)
      You enter a guild (Now they are ACTIVATED AGAIN) and boost stats.
      BUT If you have lvl 3 skills, and other guild have LEVEL2 SKILL TOWER THEN YOUR LVL 3 SKILLS WILL STILL BE INACTIVE UNTIL SKILL TOWER LVL 3 COME, then they are ACTIVATED.
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