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What are double skills

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  • What are double skills

    I know they unlock at lvl 38 but what are they.,,,
    is it extra skill points or diff path to switch back and forth
    for a cost of 995 i would like to know first

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    Wrong subforum.

    Same tree. You can elect to go offensive in one instance of the tree and defensive in the other.


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      basically it gives you the option of a second skill tree that is a mirror of the first, you do not unlock any hidden skill, and you gain points at the same rate for both skill trees

      when you unlock the double skills option, you have a equal amount of points to spend on the second skill tree and the same option to reset them using 895 balens or vouchers.... but there is a catch, you pay to reset EACH skill tree, so if you want to do both, it will cost you 1890 balens or vouchers....
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