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Anybody EVER get any Level 6 or 7 Gem from VIP Wheel?

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  • Anybody EVER get any Level 6 or 7 Gem from VIP Wheel?

    I play it all the time , And I tell u , I can tell u what im gonna get every time , The sorriest 8 items EVERYTIME. And from here on out im gonna take a snapshot of my results to show how sucky they are. Shadow Crystal -- REALLY????? Minor Hit Pack - WOW lame. ONE Mount training whip , If it was like 20 or something i wouldnt roll my eyes out of my head. Most of the time there are 3 or 4 stupid luck stones, this time i clicked on the wheel four or five times till i thought i had the best chance at a high level gem. As soon as i saw this layout I knew exactly what it was gonna land on - ALL 8. Its to the point now i can put the arrow on the item its gonna land on, its that predictable. If it wasnt for the 500k I would tell u take it out the game its worthless. whats five keys gonna do and the daru i get from world boss. ONLY thing i want is a damn GEM, And I see ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Let me see a screen shot of somebody getting one .

    Can u Believe that a PERFECT 8 Slots in a ROW.
    Sorry MoFo's couldnt ever give me the 5 Mount Trainer whipps. And if there was Luck stones you could
    Bet your Soul you will land on EVERY ONE of them. Best Advice Keep exiting the VIP wheel till there are
    NO LUCK STONES. This was the best layout i could find and really thought i had a shot at a Gem

    Click image for larger version

Name:	VIP Wheel 1.jpg
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    And Come on V.I.P. Wheel, the name alone should mean u can get something REALLY GOOD, Not the same basic **** u get playing the game without VIP.
    and no dont care about the dumb plants either. Oh and I have never landed on a Chest for a gem either. and All the VIPS in my GUILD have never landed on one either and i check alot of people on my server , never seen ANYBODY with a level 7 gem (I could be wrong about that but I have never seen one). Always the same **** ALWAYS, NOT "VIP WHEEL" - "NEVER GONNA GET WHEEL" is more like it. ALL YOU WILL EVER GET IS - 500k, 60k, 20k, Key or keys, mount whip or five, suck stones , shadow stones, Minor Retarted waste my time HP pack and that is SUPER ♥♥♥♥, and some daru ewww look out gonna take over with that. Serioulsy its almost not worth having in the game , do u have to be a level nine VIP to get a level 6 or 7 gem? whats the odds ? Once a year?
    thats useless as well. Its so rigged its not even funny.

    Please post your suckiest 8 item pick lets see who gets the sorriest items the most.
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    only one person get lvl7 gem from vip wheel and he was legend.idk maybe he still under investigation.


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      500K + 60K + 20K + 5 skeleton is good for me. Better then old wheel.


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        Originally posted by R24174189 View Post
        only one person get lvl7 gem from vip wheel and he was legend.idk maybe he still under investigation.

        LOL , that is funny!!


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          when u start it..u already get 20k even though it still never landed yet at 20k wheel for me i guess is programmed not to get even the lvl 2-3 gem


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            They changed the wheel already from the original VIP wheel.
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              I got a lvl 6 patk gem from the ORIGINAL VIP wheel that sucked a lot more than the current one.

              Haven't gotten over lvl 4 on the new one.


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                There is a thread about it in the feedback/suggestion subforum.

                Please take your discussion there.
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