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    I need some help at maxing out my mdef/astrals, any tips are welcome.
    These are my base stats,
    im thinking, should i replace pdef with illusion when i can get it.
    Also: should i focus on getting astrals upgraded, or getting higher lvl stamina skill? 4 atm
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    Offhand I'd say do your best to get Pristine Willpower, orange trumps the purple everyday. Work on gems to up your mdef, try to refine and get some mdef. The astrals you have now are good in terms of type but those two purples need to upgraded asap. No clue how many astral points you have to spare but spending the 7k on an astral you need is definitely worth it.

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      I have used 21000 star points so far, in will destroyer, goddess blessing and pristine force (so only 1k atm :/)... i have had the worst ******* luck ever x_x, might try refines, totally forgot about it and working on lvl 5 mdef atm