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MOONDEVIL(level 60mp)

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  • MOONDEVIL(level 60mp)

    i got a question, we're been playing this mp since we got 60(3days ago) and still now we're not able to find where mystery box or even summoner was located. anyone here can tell me where we can find that box? thanks in advance

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    There isnt any mystery box or summoner in that mpd


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      Exactly, no mystery chest, no summoner. You have a travelers purse and a silver chest that's it. Rest is just killing monsters or being killed.

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        First tried it today. Without archer, 2 knights+1 mage, we got down 3.25 bar as best on 2nd boss x.x
        1) Can archer remove its buff?
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          yes you need an archer with scatter for the final boss or he will get stronger and stronger
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            no wonder even we patrol in the whole area we can't see any of these. -.-" anyway thanks.


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              second boss cannot be unbuffed with scattershot you may need to deep freeze and use armor piecer to make it easier
              Originally posted by Smoldering View Post
              First tried it today. Without archer, 2 knights+1 mage, we got down 3.25 bar as best on 2nd boss x.x
              1) Can archer remove its buff?


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                yeah scatter is usefull only in first and last boss. second boss is immune to sarcowindons2002 said deep freeze is a must there.esp when at the end when he buffs more


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                  scatter level 2 and deep freeze level 2 required for this mp. 2nd boss cannot be scatted, only frozen. The summoner is in Demon Temple, the next mp after Moon, right before 2nd boss on the right in a small room.
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                    You need to use your delphic whatever to kill the 2nd boss when he starts buffing up. It's a race.

                    For the final boss, no archer no go. It's 100% death. Unless you have 150k matk/patk and 2shot the boss.
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                      Definitely need an archer in MD.
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                        easiest run i've had was 2 archer, 2 mage.. tried 1 arch, 1 knight, 2 mage, it was hard for 2nd boss due lack of deep freeze and in final boss lack of rage (so need rage runes for archer).. but maybe a knight with apollo's shield would do (the knight we ran with didn't have it)


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                          You can find summoner in 65 map,NMare mode for 60 legend stones