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    Originally posted by ShiKKihS View Post
    another question.. why are they allowing alt accounts??? are they only for strolling in-game?? lol
    It's notoriously difficult to stop *all* alternate accounts. They do have some legit uses.

    Originally posted by ShiKKihS View Post
    so why would they allow alts if you are not allowed to farm/"take advantage of" them.. after all you own them, right?
    They allow alts for legitimate uses. They do not allow for a player to take advantage of every facet of them. We do not own the accounts as they are still the property of R2 or whomever owns the pub rights.

    Originally posted by ShiKKihS View Post
    and what's the difference of farming your buddies for honor and farming your own alts? seems the same to me.. imo
    Seems. Besides, how does one farm your buddy for honor - unless he or she is a VIP 9 (or a very high level VIP) or doesn't mind the honor hit (which is kinda odd).

    Besides, I stopped letting guildies farm honor from me because those same players lose a huge chunk of it due to their BR not being able to support his or her honor count.


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      easy to farm buddies .. at same rank u get more honor in kill compare to honor loss in death..

      staffs should clarify what are the legitimate use of an alt.. @_@


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        let's file ticket and if staff ban them then they are exploiters, if staff doesnt ban them then they are legit.
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