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VIP's should be getting more in the wheel!!!

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  • Evangaleen
    started a topic VIP's should be getting more in the wheel!!!

    VIP's should be getting more in the wheel!!!

    How many of VIP's out there that actually get a gem on the VIP wheel??? I've saved up my coins and all I would get was mount training whips, shadow crystals, gold, seeds, and keys!!! Those gems on there would be a great reward! The only real PERK for VIP's is the cooldown! You advertise
    the VIP wheel as a GREAT PERK for paying you a monthly fee, but when do we actually get something good that we dont get on a daily quest???? Anyone else out there paying them a monthly fee and are somewhat dissapointed?????

    Oh and lets talk about the battlegrounds!!! Placing lvl 40's with lvl 50's+ is a SERIOUS FAIL!

    If you sit and look at this from a long term prospective, the people that buy balens are going to get bored a lot faster because when they loose all the fun of the game that you get from building your character then they will not stick around to play the game, and THEY get more rewards for it. When you have people playing and giving you monthly payments who are putting the work into building a character and they are not getting really any type of perk for putting in the long term commitment to the game, then you should focus more on making them happy so they STAY LONGER, and HAPPY PLAYERS BRING MORE HAPPY PLAYERS!!!! Not many people out there can afford to dump hundreds of coin into a server based game! The VIP fee's are more realistic and they should be thanked for the commitment!!! Just SAYING! FIX THE WHEEL!!!

    Thank you and have a wonderful day,
    server S76 Borugham Forest
    Long term player, who's getting a bit fed up

    Is the idea of winning one to five balens in the VIP wheel taboo? Just a suggestion on this, as the forum topic says, to make it more appealing
    And regardless of if this topic has been submitted before or not, obviously this hasn't been fixed or altered so having another thread to let the makers know that we are still asking and wondering if this is going to change or not will hopefully get some attention and response from them. We all have the right to place our opinions and suggestions, or there wouldn't be a forum to place them.
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  • CondorHero
    Thanks Creamy.

    Please refer to an existing thread for vip wheel ranting. There is a recent one on this.

    This thread is closed.

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  • CreamySaucepan
    Try a search function on this forum, you'll see that the VIP wheel has several threads already...

    On the BG subject; you're not really up to date, are you?
    Do try to read up before ranting...

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