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a serious question

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  • a serious question

    and please.. if your gonna reply with troll or something stupid.. dont waste your time or the death of my braincells to post it

    How can I seriously keep up with this game? I want to continue playing it cause I enjoy it, but to get good gear I need to be on during specific times.. which cant happen, I work from 8am to 9pm almost every night, or I can go the route of doing the crypt stuff which works for me, except when I need 80 crystaloids to build 1 piece, you get 4 to 5 per quest.. times 3 quests.. average of 15 per day (since I never get one in the blitz drops) if you have the 4 hours to invest in going into the same zone over and over and over and over again.. you might get 3 to 5 more.. so lets say a max of 20 to 25 per day.. 4 sets.. thats 14 to 16 days to get crypt type gear.. by that time im ready for the next set which requires different items.. im not on in time for the guild battles.. im not on during the time of Battle Ground.. so.. what can I do? id hate to give up this game.. and im sure my $50 to $75 I spend per month here wouldnt be missed.. but I really like the game.. just hate the fact that it discriminates..

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    Time + money > Time
    Time + money > money
    Money > time

    In that order.

    If you don't have enough time and money, you certainly can't keep up.
    You really need to do events to keep up..even though you're a casher.
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      My suggestion would be to find another server to play on. It sucks having to start over though but if you can't do the events during your time you're really just wasting money. What I do wish R2 would do is allow us to transfer toons from the server we are playing on to an OLDER server...not a newer server. That way we wouldn't have to start over and it wouldn't be seen as unbalancing as you'd be going to a server that has comparable lvls/brs. Whatever you do I wish you luck

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        man that sucks... I dont want to start from scratch.. ive invested like $100 to $150 in the 3 months that ive played so far.. im not gonna spend that again.. id rather go play a pay to play game that will allow me to build up all the time instead of only during specific times.. sucks that I have to quit =/


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          to be honest, your working hours are silly! however when you started it you werent able to do these events, so investing was a mistake. Its something many players dont account for, but in order for the servers to run you do need one that is time appropriate for you.

          R2 do seem to be making headways however as bg is changing so you never no what else might. but I doubt GB will ever change as its based on when the server players are usually on.
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            I dont understand why the restrictions are there to begin with.. but its their game so who am I to complain.. I was just hoping there might be another way that I didnt see..

            and the hours do suck.. but in this economy and for where I live PLUS the fact that semi-good paying jobs are near impossible to find here in Maine.. where we are currently 8% unemployed.. no new jobs cause we tax the **** out of new business that wants to start, we drive out the old businesses to other countries AND we have the highest welfare payout in the US for the longest amount of time.. the best I can do is bend over and take it like a man =D

            its ok.. there are hundreds of other MMOs out there that will take my money just as easily.. I just enjoyed this one and really wanted to try and find a way to stay