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reduce the balen prize or something like that

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  • reduce the balen prize or something like that

    i need you attention here, can you reduce the balen prize or increase the 'things' that we get from buying with balen. i mean, for example 5 balen for 1 contribute. its to much right, you should make that 1 balen for 1 contribute, because we buy balen with real money and real money is hard to get especially student like us. for crystal soul, you should make that 100 balen for 500 CS or something like that. for farm, you just have to add 100 balen for each level for example lvl 2 farm is 500 balen then lvl 3 farm is 600 balen and so on. and i think all item in this game is to expensive, if you dont mind, can you reduce the prize for 30 or 40 percent, i understand that you wanna have more money but this game will stand more longer if you not greed then think about it. later
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    Don't you mean you would like a higher Balen contrib rate? You're actually suggesting Balens be *reduced* in value when contributing to a guild.