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    I put 8 level 4 crit gems in for WB. Sometimes it crits more. Sometimes it doesnt. It's really random.


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      Did anyone read what I posted?
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        is it the same for block? i was hoping to get a really high blockchance with my knight to get the passive regeneration all the time. but i saw knights on chinese servers with 10k+ block so apparently you cant reach 100% block either.
        maybe it also depends on your enemy's level? it would make sense if you need a higher critchance to crit against high level monsters/players. thats how it works in most other games too.


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          Originally posted by R23077011 View Post
          Ok so for every 100 Crit it = 3% so I am told. So 3000 crit will be 100% Right?

          I am an Archer and working on doing the most damage i can. so am working on maxing my crit.
          maybe those percentages are applied on the base crit/block percentage, let me explain:

          lets say that the base percentage is 20%, then if you have 10000 crit/block = 300% your base will increase as that much so: 20%+(300% x 20%) = 80% <- this value is the total chance of blocking/inflict a crit.
          On other hand if the base percentage is 10% then 10000 crit/block will only increase it to 40%.The base percentage that i think they use is 15%.
          This way everything just make a lot more sense, since 9K crit/block will have 55% chance to trigger.
          For everyone that don't understand all that stuff, i will make it simple: every 1000 crit/block gives an additional 5% chance to crit/block.

          That's my guess about it.


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            Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
            If there is anything you can trust, it is the law of diminishing marginal returns.

            +100 crit when you are at 50 crits is worth than +100 crits when you are at 5000 crits.

            All other formulas here are wrong.
            Even worse - could be asymptotic to a figure less than 100%.