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  • Few Suggestions

    Dear R2,

    I've been meaning to post these suggestions for some time now, couldn't really manage the time before today. I hope u guys will find something interesting for your consideration. I also hope these ideas are original and I don't waste your time as you read them

    * Introduction of Potion Synthesis and Potion Conversion: This doesn't require any description, you already know what I mean. I just wanted to add that, it would be really great if there was a way to use the worthless lvl1 defense potions and other potions not needed for a certain character type.

    ** Tombs in the Wild: Why not scatter a few tombs in the wild offering a bit more daru than the monsters there. It may be unlocked by killing a certain number of monsters in the wild.

    *** More items for sale against vouchers at the shop: I know you have heard this over and over again, but I really have to mention that there has to be some other items you can sell (in exchange of vouchers) at the shop other than just the three types of runes. I am not even talking about wings or anything fancy, but I really think that you can and should increase the item type for non-cash players who can only use vouchers.

    It is needless to say that I am a free player and I want to thank r2 for keeping the free players in the game. Apart from a few disadvantages for the free users, I think its a competitive game cause I can still beat all my same level players (VIP or not, with or without wings ). So R2 rocks!!!!!!!

    I do have some more suggestions for the game but I really gotta run now. And I also want to see the responses to these suggestion Will post the rest soon.

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    I like both ideas. As for the tombs in the wild, it would be useful only for low-mid levels. At higher levels, you really have an excess of darus..

    Looking forward to your other ideas
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      Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
      At higher levels, you really have an excess of darus..
      Thanks for the feedback, I know what you mean about the daru access for the higher level players (WB events/Farming/Solo and MP dungeon tombs etc.). But I really like hunting Daru in the wild and I think you cant really get enough daru specially if you are saving for the next type of troops besides enlightenment is a costly business daru wise.


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        I love the Potion Synthesis idea! +11111
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          Originally posted by STB-BD View Post
          * Introduction of Potion Synthesis and Potion Conversion:
          Good thinking! I like it. ^_^


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            I really like, but I also don't see it happening

            Combining Potions, Synthing Potions, Daru Tombs in Wild... awesome ideas.

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