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    @Creamy, I was referring to the pic that had a nice big red square and missed a previous response of yours about the platform at bottom. Have seen invaders all over chamber whether people are standing around or not so as of yet haven't seen one exactly where you describe.

    @Why, yeah I still maintain if you do not want afkers getting xp in the guild chamber then you need to pick a time better suited to more people being on and energizing tree. Servers are made up with people from all over the world and each guild has people in diferent time zones. You are acting like people who are not on to energize your tree give absolutely nothing to your guild and deserve absolutely nothing in return. That is nothing more then an inconevience to you to have people afk in the chamber. If it's that big a deal then the Guildmaster can set a rule and follow it, but I bet you have people leaving in droves and finding a guild that actually cares about ALL members advancing in game. But I will not support a suggestion that is designed to do nothing more than advance the chosen few who can be on when someone summons the tree vs benefiting the entire guild.

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      +1 i love this ide no exp before them loot the tree.
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        Originally posted by Why_Me View Post
        "I" believe that you shouldn't gain xp from the tree unless you have energized it. The people that just park in the chamber and got to bed or whatever they do just wind up blocking people from being able to pick up contribution and/or fight invaders as they are standing right on top of them.

        Easy solution would be making the xp gain unavailable unless you have actually energized the tree.
        +1 this nids to be fix soon really as for free contribution=goodies, when ppl is just standing on it. u have a hard time getting it and sometimes it is wasted when the time runs out or another goodies pop up so agree minor obstacle that nids fixing.
        Tip: Press [Ctrl] when goodies appear it will glow red but for Invaders i havent trid to press [Ctrl] to see if they glow red mb ima try nxt time
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