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New Troops?

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  • New Troops?

    Anyone have any info about new troops? When they will come out? What do they look like? etc...
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    IF its posted in the news and events forum then you know as much as the staff do... if its not... guess what...
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      If it's not posted in the News & Events forum, it is not official.
      So no, no troops are coming out in the first patch of 1.5.

      Unless Stormmageddon updated the post.

      Until then, assume there is no troops.
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        Troops are part 2.


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          i am only fall in love just for my angel troop LOL
          Beny Knight :eek: S.77 :D


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            Originally posted by Evilmog View Post
            It does not actually say which part it is in...just on that site 1 is updates, 2 is additions, and 3 is the pig mount event(the only entry under events)...

            Edit: based on the page adress, might be what is coming in pt 1...


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              probably for level 50 or higher
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                anyone know when the Patch 1.5 will affect server s56