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  • Daru For Troops Exchange

    If troops continue on costing more and more to level, with the additional cost of adding enlightenments, could a system be implemented to send daru from already leveled troops to those not yet leveled?

    For example, I have knights on level 50. I would like to suggest the option of refunding those knights for daru and then using daru for new units.

    I have used a lot of daru over the few months I've been playing and I know that it's not exactly easy to get. For now I don't have a problem with leveling my knights parallel to myself, but if a new unit arrives, that could prove to be a problem. VIPs could also regret spending balens on the Daru Alchemy option, as they wasted their money to accomplish next to nothing in the long run.

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    We all face this new arrival, but these troops helped us till now. We upgraded them to resist more, and they resisted. It wasn't a waste, it was something we used to be stronger. If you wouldn't upgrade them, you would be weaker and easier to be killed.
    If we use soketing rod to open gem slots, and than change equipment...we don't ask for that soketing rods back.
    If we spend money to + up the equipment pieces we don't ask for the gold invested back after changing it, either for the crystals we used to change the bonuses, either for the lucky stones...
    and so on.
    These are consumable items and help us to be stronger for a period of time, till a change occurs and we have to start all over.


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      Agreed with Alpdruck7
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        Yea no on the daru exchange thing. Those who have the max lvl troops right now would just do it when the 60 troops come out. This goes back to the proper planning of your toon. Make adjustments as needed. Too many players get caught up with what's going on now. Now isn't important. Work to toon for long term success...not short term.

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