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    can anyone please help me.... trying to figure out what gems to put on which peice of equipment to maximize things!!!! any suggestions are appreciated!!!!

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    What class are you? We can't answer this question without more information.

    A good rule of thumb though would be for archer: patk, pdef, mdef and hp. I've seen archers with patk and hp gems in all their gear and alternate the defense gems. For mages switch out the patk for the matk gems. For knights I would go with the archer set up. Crit/block gems aren't worth putting in sockets unless you have the higher lvl gems.

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      For archer who dont care about pvp,

      Try PATK, MDEF, CRIt

      with this build, you will be good at catacomb and WB, decent against mage and suck against archer and knight


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        Its not only you gem you need focous an for max everything,

        you need get Guild Skills, Hige lvl Astros yellow, and even refine you itmes to get higre stats and bettre rank like Power, PATK, Crit, Defens, PDEF/MDEF, HP if you are a Archers.
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          Gems for archer&knight: Mainly Pdmg, HP, Pdef,MDef MAYBE A FEW BLOCKS/CRITS.

          Gems for Mages: Mdmg,Pdef,Mdef,Hp.
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