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  • I seek for your experience

    Hello my friends,

    I am just in the point (as probably everybody was or will be) where I try to decide what astral set is better for my mage.
    Do some mages have experience with sniper and determination?
    Is there some border when crit hits are prety common? Like 2k, 3k?
    My guildmaster (also mage) tried, he had pretty high number but was not satisfied much, so kept his will destroyer.

    I also tried to use guardian but on lvl 4 I stil do not see the difference. Archer's single shot and aoe could be evaded by this astral. I have lvl 4 + my trinkets, that give me in total -30% chance being critically hit, but it does not happen yet.

    And finally what is more functional?
    To have block, deflection and illusion or rather illusion, block and guardian?
    In my opinion illusion, deflection and block (all on lvl 6) can do better job than set with guardian even in lvl 1000 :-)

    I only add that all my astrals are orange, until now I permanently use MATK, PDEF, MDEF, goddess, will destroyer, illusion and guardian

    Many thanks for all thoughts

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    I've heard the guardian astral is bugged right now and I wouldn't recommend that till 70 or 80 if you wanted to go that route. As far as crit vs will destroyer I'll give you two different mages in our server. One is like 54k BR and the other is 53k BR. Stats are similar between both mages. Both have around a 15k matk. One uses crits the other uses will destroyer. When the 53kish BR hits me with his RoF I take, with a crit, about 8-10k points of damage. When the 54k hits me with her RoF...I take omg I weep from it. Last count like 12-14k points of damage. Go with Will destroyer.

    Class: Assassin lvl 78
    BR: 67K
    Server: Qianfo Hall


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      thanks for info, it looks same as my guildmaster said. So I will continue with will destroyer.

      I came across some theories about blocking formulas and even if they are not official, they seem to show a fact that blocking astral is probably more effective than guardian astral, but no one tested. Have you, somebody?


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        From what I have been hearing is that endgame like the Chinese servers are at crit is the way to go, but for R2 servers it is will destroyer and I have never seen anything to argue against this. Personally I prefer it with the will destroyer because of more consistent damage.


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          problem why you never hear anything about the crit on r2 is we dont know the formula you have to have like 100% crit with 50% crit dmg increase to get as much as a lvl 10 will destroyer, thing is if the crit dmg increases and not only the crit rate then at higher crit ratings crit will be more powerfull then will its all about the math wich no one knows.


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            Now I focus on any idea if guardian astral works or not. I had lvl 4 but was nto satisfied with it :-/ with trinkets, it should take down the crit probability except archers 100% buff. But it does not.
            So I decided to use enshieldment and in lvl 80, I will add deflecting one.


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              although crit is tempting (and fun)... it is better to go with 'will destroyer' and replace crit with stats like MDEF, HP, and MATK...

              i started out as a 'crit' mage... i switched to what i call a '+% damage' build.. and in duel i jumped into the top 30...