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    Since The Talent System has been released Mages are powerful than Archer(Maybe,Others Tell It Though) I never got whoes the strongest of 3,So can you tell me who is stronger....Archer Or Mage.I never cared about knights,Please don't mention them.
    My Hands keep shaking.Heart is racing,And i can't make it stop.Cuz I'm just waiting for those words to drop...It's like sitting on Dynamite.

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    Balenor class...nuff said

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      lol. mage.
      but... "if u have lotsa money. archer can be deadly"
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        I don't see how talent system buffed mages. Most mages don't bother with talents from what I have seen, just the stun and stun isn't great for us since we get 6 rage with lightning bolt and only 2 with stun.


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          Anyone seen LINKETONG in group arena? Nuff said.
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          One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
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