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Interesting.. anyone else experience this?

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    >> I was just surprised, it has happened to me once or twice in multiplayer dungeons, but never that it skipped a turn :s, just have had the odd glitchy ...gloria?
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      Originally posted by Smoldering View Post

      It just seems to me as an imige bug when people enter diffrently and not in same time
      i think this too specially when some of ur pt is laggy and late to arrive while the battle is already started and its the enemies' turn to attack while some pt just entered right in between the attack that pt will get stunned. i think!?!?
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        Originally posted by Serrin View Post
        Umm no.. if it happens to you, then you will know. We could not actually play for one turn while we were stunned.
        It does happen to me. So, as you state, uhhh.... yes.

        I can always cast a skill, even with the dizzy animation.