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  • Bound/Unbound

    If you're not able to trade with other players or sell your stuff on the auction house then get rid of the bound/unbound aspect. It would be nice to be able to trade but I get the feeling that's not going to happen any time soon.

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    ya i just found you can stack unbound items with bound so helps bag room
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      Yeah just annoying a bit when you try to add to things in the guild vault. Instead of merging they will swap places so you have to make room in the vault first to put them both there then merge or make a spot in your bag to merge and then put back into the vault. Just some unnecessary steps that would be nice to remove.


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        No need to remove it. There will be an auction house sometime down the road. A dev even stated so but saying it was "coming soon". That they don't know when it will come bc it has "issues" to be fix first. Personal opinion is that they want to milk as much money out of us first due to the fact with that auction house you can make free balens basically. Just by selling unbounds to cashers. That is why there is an unbound to bound in this game. There will be one just we dont know when. Might come in a few months or another year. Hopeing for Spring or Summer.


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          They had to come up with the "tax" to slow down the mule/alt accounts monopolizing the system too.