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  • Change Area for players

    Every player that goes to his map for her/him level (in World Map) he can not go into a map smaller levels.
    Make that does not have these options.
    Many players remain in the same map only for plunder low levels so destroy the game fun of some others players.
    Example: At 41 Level i go in automatic in Deathly Sands map level, i can only select the place for my city. Not options for remain in Fetid Swamp.

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    are you saying a level 41 who goes to the desert shouldnt be able to go to lower maps? i mean make's sense but wont happen
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      Yes, i see many players continue to play in the lower 10 levels only for plunder weak players. I guess is no a fair play. Example: I see lev50 in Fetid Swamp only for plunder players. Everyone can play like want but in this system something is wrong, imho.


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        The problem OP is that there are many things that are "unfair" tactically in the game.

        - BGs allows you to check your opposition's BR, so you can find the weaker ones and target them.
        - Many high level BGs players are respectful and let you get shards, but many attack you coming out of your compound - in fact, I've seen them kill guards and just line up to pick off people coming out.
        - Guild War allows for Spawn-Camping
        - BGs pre-tiering in Patch 1.5 (in other words, currently as this post is dated) have L40's going up against L60+

        I am reminded of Spiderman - with great power comes great responsibility - some people like to abuse their power, and this can lead to a sense of "unfairness."

        Now, that said, Plundering does have a limit to being within 10 levels of the party, at least on my server (I know because one of my Guildies was being targeted by a ******-clown and asked someone to spank him, but he was too low level for me to actually nail). What those people have access to are the highest level mines of the lower tier, which gives them next to nothing compared to what they would have if they were in a zone appropriate for their level.

        In other cases, high levels go there to AVOID being plundered by other players.

        I'm pretty sure the Level differential limit is static for all servers...
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