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    Originally posted by Rex_Typhoon View Post
    Fair point KE7, but when I look at our rankings - no mages. I see 1 or 2 Knights, but not a single mage, ever. The rest are archers.

    And yes, Archers > Mages > Knights > Archers... the rock/paper/scissors of Wartune (now if only we had Lizard/Spock).
    S112 always at least 2-3 mages in top 10, and usually 1 or 2 mages in top 3 depending on the time. Sadly i never see Knights in this top 10.
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      If I use the PvE sets, I can probably squeeze myself into the top 5, rest of it would be archers, on similar scale of Patk/Matk ofc. Knights, unless they're about 800 more Patk than most of those archers, hard to get into top 10.
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