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buff/debuff icons

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  • buff/debuff icons

    as we know, currently the icons will blink 1 by 1 next to the character. y not the buffs/debuffs icon is put somewhere else all at once with numbers on them to represent the turns they're active. maybe the game should have player(s) name written somewhere on the screen & all the buffs/debuffs icon next to it. that way, we can str8 away see those icons & know what buffs/debuffs are affecting us. in battle, the decision on making the next move needs to be made ASAP, thus, if we need to wait the icons to blink 1 by 1 to see all that are still active, it will be too late. the opponent might have moved 1st by then or we might have missed the opportunity. if possible, make the icons appear right before the actual hit (half a second early maybe) so that we can plan ahead on the next move.

    as a mage, after doing normal attack, i know my rage increase to 30, thus i clicked Meteor at earliest moment. i have a number of buffs/debuffs affecting me during this time. suddenly castinador triggers, but unfortunately i've clicked my Meteor trigger by then, whereas, if i knew that hit would trigger castinador, i would've chose to cast thunderer instead. moreover, i need to wait for the icons to blink 1 by 1 if i wanted to see what buffs/debuffs that were affecting me.

    apart from that, please change the duration the icon is shown.

    Turn 1 - i cast lightning bolt & the new talent from lightning bolt triggers (30% rage reduction: lasts 2 turns). icon starts to show.
    Turn 2 - icon is still there. >>> if i have 25 rage now, meteor can be clicked, i can cast meteor if i want.
    Turn 3 - icon is still there. >>> if i have 25 rage now, meteor can be clicked, i can cast meteor if i want.
    Turn 4 - icon is still there. >>> if i have 25 rage now, meteor can be clicked, but i CANNOT cast meteor.

    the problem is, when turn 4 is reached, the icon is still there, thus, the Meteor icon can be clicked. however, nothing happens when clicked because actually the 30% reduction is no longer applicable. so, i would like to suggest that the icon is removed after move has been made on turn 3. this way, it could prevent confusion to players in making decision for their next move.
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    i totally agree with this!!!!!! the bug in icon turn count us by me