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Honor system needs to go!!!!!!!

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  • Honor system needs to go!!!!!!!

    For starters I really like this game and play it all the time. I even became a VIP and have purchased balens. The problems I have is that I live on the east coast and work nights witch makes it impossible for me to fight in guild battles and battlefields, that being said I can not raise my honor lvl. With no honor I cannot buy anything in the arena shop. I have been able to do only 2 guild battles and pretty much got destroyed by lvl 50's and up and when you loose no honor and the 2 battle fields I played in the same thing happens. My idea is give honor for completing quests, solo arena, cross server arena, or even signing in every day. And If you say thats why we give you drops in the MP quest they come far and in between and you always get everyone else's equipment but your own.

    If you can't do that how about moving Blood-fang boss battle to 9 am west coast time and install a second battlefield at at 11am west coast time for those of us who can't play the battlefields or guild battles at 8pm because its actually 11pm on the east coast and only allow players to enter one battlefield or guild battle on those days.

    Lets keep this game fun and competitive please

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    After the patch coming in a few weeks they will be having numerous BGs throughout the day.

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      To: Dragone1

      you should have pick the Oceanic server if u work at night. game server time is fine as it is
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        the times of the events are fine even if i was on an east coast server i would be going to work at that time


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          i like this this will be a big help


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            Maybe pick a server better suited to working around your personal/professional times?

            originally I started on S1 - it was impossible for me to keep up as BG was at 3am my time. So I just left and started on S5 soon afterward.
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              Pick a server that fits best for you first of all. Secondly, next patch there be numorous battle grounds and GB will be modified as well to only mon/wens/friday. I believe we are also getting a world boss stand in. Which to me the way it sounds is that you dont even have to attend wb to get the rewards. I could be wrong on this as I dont really know what that is about. We might not even get that either since I don't remember it being on the patch notes or no. The things I do know for sure is that were getting changes to both battle ground and guild battle.