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New wild map.

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  • New wild map.

    I play on S14 on ************ . I am a level 68 mage and live in erandel. sadly the monster mobs in there are very weak are will very soon no longer count to the "kill monster" bonuty. I would like to suggest a new map for 60+ players with higher gold mines and stronger monsters. Not sure if anyone has faced this problem yet or not but is needed. The higher up you go the more things cost, enchanting, talents, buildings, and so on. Would be nice to have the higher mines but more so need the room too. In erandel the land mass is small and running our of space for the amount of ppl there. Thanks/

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    I believe this is part of the patch that will have L70 Dungeons. This may result in a new realm...may. Not entirely sure if they are just going to stack it, but the trend seems to be new SP Dungeons, new realm.
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      well i know i aint the only one that wants this. lol i hope it is soon.


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        In the vid, they show new SPs so it's a strong likelihood.