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    Originally posted by Ruise View Post
    I see now you play as mage.
    Buu... bully XD
    I already stop cashing after player, I just want cart but some people love to kill themself.
    hehe i love being mage only problem though as the number 3 mage on my server i seem to be the only one helping out with tl and and md so am quite a busy guy lol my personal record now stands at 24 mpd in one day


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      Originally posted by ChieftainRez View Post
      I can't wait to farm you in cross server BG... Hurry up and Level!
      I can wait to farm *you* on S5! Hurry up and level! :P ♥


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        Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
        I can wait to farm *you* on S5! Hurry up and level! :P ♥
        That would require me actually logging in to S5 again, but i am having trouble getting into the character over there... mages are so boring!

        No offense, of course.
        [S1] Temple of Ibalize


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          well i skip battlegrounds cause i would lose more honor then gain honor since i'm level 55 going up against strong players. So I'll just wait for cross server battlegrounds. It will be better to save my honor then lose it.


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            on our server we have one guild that fills the opposing team up with low level alts ... and just leaves them afk so if ur on that team there is only like 2 active players there the rest are afk alts for the other team .. sucks .. but i still manage to get quite a few kills lol well ive moved up to the next bg now but i know alot are still there and still dealing with this.. it can be annoying but in the end its no where as annoying as waiting 7 days for a ticket to be responded to let alone fixed with no results or response. . if they cant even answer tickets doubt they have time to fix any of the other problems so why bother wasting our breath ..