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where to findnd mount

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  • where to findnd mount

    i know we get 1 mount at lvl 40 we can buy 2 at balen shop we can get 1 from arena shop and 1 fron cata so total 5 and 1 pigy so 6 .bt some people have more then 6 and if u check stable u found more mount so just wana know how can i have them or achive them from where and what the criteria answer plz

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    1 mount you buy in arena shop with crusader rank.
    1 mount is the basic one
    1 mount you buy with guild shop 10
    1 mount you buy in crypt shop
    2 mounts you buy in shop
    3 event mounts including piggy, llama, and reindeer. Only the piggy is obtainable right now.
    1 underworld mount that was only open to a select group of new servers or something.
    1 mount you get for being guildmaster of the guild that wins the guild battle.
    1 mount for stables level 2
    1 mount for stables level 3
    1 mount for stables level 4 and perhaps other stable levels but no one has really gotten there yet.

    I think I covered them all.