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Reapers Minion

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  • Reapers Minion


    Where can we find reapers minion for those big roses?

    Not quite sane.

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    Not sure, but I've heard rumours of them existing in bounty quests like during halloween event. However i can't confirm this since I haven't had any myself.


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      Recycled gifts from R2?


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        I personally believe that they just put a wrong rose into the gift box.

        Just a simple mistake LOL


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          It is from a quest in June or something from what I have heard and was implemented by mistake. Ratty the mod said the advice from the G-Ms was to hold onto them so they will be useful in the future sometime.


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            the information about the quest in june, refers to a different version of wartune, the chinese version I believe... and from last year.... the information was posted on the kong forum.....

            The R2 admin have said for the players to hang on to the roses
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              let's hope so last reapers minions i saw was the ones from halloween event


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                Originally posted by vets_dethmatic View Post
                let's hope so last reapers minions i saw was the ones from halloween event
                For another costume Deth?

                It will completely strange if that reaper giving rose rather than costume 0w0
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