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    Can the developer of wartune make A different characters for a change like Assassin or a Samurai i think it would be cool... i always see characters like archer, knight and mages on many games but i have not seen anything unique like assassin much and specially i have not seen any Samurai's on any games yet that i have played? its just my suggestion and make more nice gothic style clothing

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    Unfortunately R2 doesn't own this game so they can't implement class changes. 7Roads actually owns this game so that would be a suggestion for them. I like the idea because just 3 classes suck especially with no customization. Would be nice if each class had sub-classes with them. Like the knight had an actual tank class or a dps but sadly with the limited skills we have access to and the way the MPs work out...don't really need it
    But I do like the idea of new classes

    Class: Assassin lvl 78
    BR: 67K
    Server: Qianfo Hall