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possible to have a married event in wartune

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    I want this too )


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      Originally posted by GingerTheHutt View Post
      All my gems just all got a 'property of Creamy' label stamped all over them... o.O
      They already had that stamped all over them, remember? ^_^ Now it'll just be Gems + Everything Else... ^_^


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        *cough* not a date site. Wanted to smack someone once for saying "looking for a boyfriend" in world chat. But if it doesnt turn into a dating site i'd say the married status would be fine. Polygamy would be fun too. 8D
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          Marriage is already implemented but that's only in the Chinese version and this update just came up around on December 1st of 2013 buts its in China so marriage might not exactly be possible they say r2games refused this but then again we'll see what happens also more news to u cute kids the rings may cost 800 balens u can see this once u search it up on the website there are many more fun things and updates for sure (lol u obviously know what I mean since i cant say it) T.T
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            how long after purchase of engagement ring and proposal do you have to hold the ceremony?