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VIP wheel just for show

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  • VIP wheel just for show

    The VIP wheel items are just for show. Look at the 6th item: a noob shadow cristal for 6 VIP coins.
    Click image for larger version

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    Seriously, i am getting bored already. I was thinking since it is already almost impossible to get the pve gear, maybe being vip would give me nice things. 500k gold, so what? just farm few plants or attack world boss and u get even better. I am really close to quit this game.
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    Why would anyone turn away free gold? If you have gold lying around you aren't using why not open a bank? I would take out a few loans with ya :P

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      so a boost of 500k+ gold every 3 days is bad? XD


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        I'm guessing you are referring to the lvl 6 and 7 gems in the vip wheel, Yep good idea lets just let vip players rule over the completely free players, you sir are a marketing genius.


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          the 50-150% extra free XP from Campaign / Hall of Heroes instances isn't something even worth mentioning?

          Personally I love ^.

          And you're mad that you can't get a thing costing many hundreds of $. And you're mad you can't get it in first try? They are possible to get (refer to SS from those lucky souls) but just VERY HARD
          AND THAT IS FOR A REASON, they cost a friggin lot to get by cash, so they're not gonna be given away for free-.-', that easily.

          Shadow crystal aint that 'nooby' the higher you get the more XP the quest gives (span 61-65 for example is 850k~XP for 24 shadow crystals, and I like the opportunity to be able to get 1 or 2 when that's all you need for those XP)
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            Another VIP wheel thread?

            If it helps, think of the wheel as a lottery. I love the shadow crystals personally (and every XP hound does) as well as the 500K spot. Anything else is gravy.


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              Refer to an existing VIP wheel thread to discuss. Thank you.

              It can be found in the suggestions/feedback subforum.
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                ... A lvl 6 gem is.. 85*4^4=21760 balens if im not wrong.... lvl 7 is 21760*3 (i think its 3 lvl 6 gems for a lvl 7, or perhaps it was 3 lvl 7 for a lvl 8... anyway) it's insane amounts of balens. They wont go around giving you that every 3 days................... IF you get it even ONE TIME you are among a select few that have... count yourself lucky beyond imagination. You complain about free 500k+ every 3 days, free skele keys top grind pve gear, free shadow crystals to lvl? It is noting bad in vip wheel, except it sometimes annoys the **** out of you.