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Alt-TAB suddenly broken

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  • Alt-TAB suddenly broken

    I play two characters at once in two windows. Until and including yesterday, I was able to Alt-Tab during battle, and simply press the button for the skill I wished to use on the other character.

    Beginning today, every time I Alt-TAB in battle... and ONLY in battle... I get the gray film over the screen talling me to "click to continue playing."

    Since my technique used the keyboard only, adding the additional step of reaching for the mouse to randomly click on the screen is making my gameplay no longer workable.

    Did something change since yesterday? I didn't change anything about my browser or my technique while playing.

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    I would check your computer system.... as the alt tab system is a built in computer / browser setting
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      He means the Out of Focus warning. Its buggy anyway, It says click here to continue but you click and it doesnt continue. I end up clicking 2-4 times.


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        I do exactly the same, Klapton. I use Win 7 and set my tabs up so when I alt tab I go between my mage and knight on two browsers. But I always have gotten the Click to Continue Playing especially during WB or GB, it's annoying but it's part of the game.

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