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A mage Needs help here !!!

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  • A mage Needs help here !!!

    hi every one specially MAGES

    im lvl 35 S80

    need help about the best skills contribution and also best gems
    want to be strong in deuls !

    thnx alot

  • #2
    Guild skills: Intellect, Defense and Endurance for a start.
    Gems: MATT, MDEF, PDEF and to an extend HP.
    Astrals: MATT, MDEF, PDEF, Will Destroyer and Goddess Blessing. Preferably all gold and at a decent level.
    And don't forget to open up all your gem sockets.


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      i would instead of mdef put hp in, mages don't get the luxury of the 20% hp boost.


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        The HP vs Mdef gems is debatable. My perspective is HP gems can be a sort of crutch, much like the Brilliance astral that gives you a bonus HP. If you don't have the option to choose then by all means us the HP gems and brilliance astral. However if you have the opportunity to switch to mdef I would take it in a heartbeat. HP gems are most useful when building up and can be helpful in prolonging battles, but at higher levels when you are receiving 5k-10k damage what do you think a lvl 5 HP gem is gonna do for you? Defence is best in my opinion opinion.


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          The brilliance astral is not worth it in my opinion. The hp gain from it is tiny compared to the gain from other astrals. The way I gem my mage was just whatever was the cheapest to get all level 5 gems which resulted in 2 or 3 hp gems in place of mdef. I have matk and pdef gems in all my gear though. I have a bit of hp and endurance on my stats which gives me a moderate amount. The gem set gives a nice hp boost as well.

          I just use the standard matk, will destroyer, pdef, mdef, goddess blessing, illusion astrals and have an enshieldment waiting for me when I eventually hit 70. For a level 35 I reccomend using matk, pdef, mdef and switching out a pdef or mdef astral for godess blessing or some other astral depending on who you fight. I got my orange will destroyer when I was in the low 40s and it makes a real difference once you get that up to level 3 or 4. Once you get it then refine your gear to dump the crit out of it unless you plan on leveling out of your gear rather soon.

          The 30s is where mages start to perform much better in duels when you can get more points into reign of fire.
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