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  • arena party

    i was in a party of lvl30-34 and we got to fight a lvl 40 or so i think as he did 4k dmg in 1 hit with no crit ... and that not the only 1 we got to fight lvl 35+ also ...
    as arena party is so unbalanced id suggest to make the fighting like this:
    a party form of player of lvls 30-34 fight ONLY a party form of lvls 30-34 (as lvl 35 give unfair advantage)
    35-39 will fight only 35-39 and so on
    if there is a lvl 35 in a party of 30-34 make them fight in the 35-39 group so the highest lvl in the party will determine the group they fight
    this is only 1 way i was thinking
    the other one is quite simple just math lol
    calculate player lvl in the party and make them fight the next similar numbers they get or close 2 anyway not how you can atm crush by players almost 10lvl higher or more ...
    anyway the arena party still need to fix this thing with fighting players you should not have 2 be fair at least as much as it can be

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    arena parties opponents are based mostly on the level of your own party anyway.

    If you can't compete with 40+, don't go in an arena with a 40+ in your party.

    As you described the arena in your ideal is how it works pretty much anyway.

    there are some unlucky match ups, sure. But mostly as you want it, is how it works.
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      Could be there weren't many players in the Arena and you got matched up to the closest one.

      Anyhow, you can be matched up to a team that's extremely strong for their level. I'm one of those, and I easily do 4K+ damage to levels 45+ or 50+, and I'm only 44. Heck, I've done 9K damage to a single opponent once... So a 'better match up' really doesn't fix that for you. Your own MDEF and PDEF does...


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        Yea lvl's don't accurately reflect a player's ability to fight. I've seen high 50's with terrible stats that just get owned

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