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Trading System

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  • Trading System

    sometimes when we get the good stuff but not useful anymore. we want to sell it but the price is very cheap. so with the trading system we can sell, buy, exchange item with even more friends.

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    This idea is too abuseable.
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      There will eventually be an auction house but not trading system. Don't expect either to come out anytime soon though. It's even possible R2 decided to scrap the whole auction house as well since they haven't mention anything of yet. However, since the game opened the devs have claimed there will be an auction house they just don't know when it will be available for us to use. Due to fine tuning it or something like that. Trading system is still possible but highly unlikely due to the fact that it is abusable. however, any game you can abuse it with alts. As long as you are able to make alts trading system can be abused. So basically every single game out there.


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        Please refer to this thread for discussion about trading.
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