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WARNING!!! for your crypt keys safety

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  • WARNING!!! for your crypt keys safety

    Warning, if you do not plan to use a crypt key on the catacomb run, put it into guild storage.

    The situation is, my friend have some crypt keys in his pocket and start the catacomb run.

    He did untick the box and did not want to use his crypt key.

    However, the game take 1 of his crypt key and do not give him x2 exp and items.

    He already file a ticket for it.

    I do not know whether it is true or not, but I believe him

    So, for your interest, its better to save your precious crypt key in guild storage than in your bag.

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    lier, thats a lie


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      On a different note... if you have a key why not use it? o.O


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        some people are saving keys for Necropolis


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          Purge the infidel in holy flame!!!

          Wait no...sorry channelling my inner inquisitor...seriously though I don't buy it. I don't see a player losing a crypt key because of a bug like that...

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            Originally posted by Tryggsama View Post
            On a different note... if you have a key why not use it? o.O
            I'm saving them for when I (finally, one day, maybe, in the infinite future) reach lvl 50 and use the extra xp for talents...

            As for the topic; I don't buy it. He probably didn't uncheck the box properly or just missed it entirely. Some solo campaigns drop keys like raindrops, so it's not that big of a loss, is it?? :P
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              a question here is it better to do solo campaigns manually or by blitz?


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                Originally posted by R25568223 View Post
                a question here is it better to do solo campaigns manually or by blitz?
                If you want to save time, use blitz. If you want more exp, drops from solo campaigns, it is better to do it manually. But the time spent doing manual may be longer than blitz (except for mages).
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                  well, whether he ticked the box or not, better to be safe than sorry. I keep them in my vault too unless I want to use them.
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                    Ty death river..