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canges balens back to real money

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  • canges balens back to real money

    sinces R2 keep cheat and pee up and down on players want to changes my 20k+ balens to real money can i get a chance of that?

    cheat alot of players from wb and arena and maby some from gb and no information put up any places by lasy R2 nothing on forum nothing on facebook nothing any places no information to the few players online who dint gote dc by R2 like me lucky o could warn alot white skype who so could tell it in guild sinces the lasy people on R2 dint do that ther get pay for.

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    I don't understand you aside from the "R2 cheats players" bit. I'm not teeing off of you but there is spellcheck here (wavy red lines under a word). If English isn't your first language, my bad - but that language is necessary and he norm here.


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      R2 spends countless hours dealing with the cheaters, and if you really want to blame anybody for the things that you have a issue with, start by blaming the cheaters, as without them, you would not have a issue

      I am locking the thread, there is no reason for it to remain open.
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