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upgrading jobs

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  • upgrading jobs

    knight become barbarian or paladin
    mage become wizard or healer
    archer become sniper or something new
    with more slot skills and can change with balens or voucer

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    It's actually called a class, not a job.

    Good idea; suggested countless times before by players. However, as we all know, R2 Wartune follows closely to Chinese Wartune (with some adaptions and minor changes).

    Those content changes you suggested seems to be not possible.
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      it would be nicer tho. but i think r2 is w8ng for Chinese original ver. to do it 1st b4 here.. bcuz i dont think r2 is authorize to alter the game ahead of the original ver.
      thats cuz this wartune is a copy of the original so it cant/must not make an original or something like this in their own 1st. even if they really wanted to. i think
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        Yea R2 doesn't own the rights to Wartune. They are simply the publisher for the game. Any content has to be approved by 7Roads before R2 can do anything with this game.

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