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    i think that lvl 50 legend is a lot better than lvl 55 pvp set.. it can easily regain rages which is usable to throw high damage skills...even the delphic..this is more advisable to use in dungeons and WB.. esp. in demon temple which all class need a lot of rages to make the run easily.. blessed light for the mages, DF and IS for the archers and apollo shield for a knight.. one thing more as others said.. 50 legend is 4 slots


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      Originally posted by kiravsl View Post
      In my opinion, the difference between lvl 55 pvp set and lvl 50 legendary is just small BUT IF LEGENDARY USERS HAVE BETTER GEMS like lvl 6 or 7 they will be unbeatable..
      The difference between those two is rage gain. On the same scale of power (BR), the one who can spam more skills wins. For example, Knights have Shadow Thrasher combo with Slasher, Archers can spam Armor Piercer, Mages... well, let's just say that Rain of Fire, Meteor and Bolt is the same as usual, with enough rage to cast Restoration.

      Believe me, get the PvE set, try it out, see for yourself if it's only good for PvE as they described it. The thing isn't 10 times harder to get for no reason.
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        Originally posted by R2471526 View Post
        proof? how do you know this?
        This here is the proof, anyone who can read Chinese would understand that there isn't any information regarding PvP sets higher than 55 announced. You can use Google translate, their words are clear enough.

        Originally posted by R21577189 View Post

        here's the link, u can do the translation.

        This one is the reply from the technical department of 7road from china, technically, their reply is that it is not out indefinitely.
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