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MP runs as "helper"

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  • MP runs as "helper"

    Often i find that my guildies need help with lower lvl mp's but i cant help them since i still need to do my own runs. (For the criticasters: Yes i could try to do them earlier on the day but often my team isnt online yet.)

    So what i am suggestion is an option for the lower lvl mps to go in as "helper" without gains, like now when you have no attempts left. This way higher lvl players could help out friends and guildies easier. I think it would benefit a lot of people if this was ever implemented. Maybe someone else already suggested something similar before but i couldnt find.

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    Suggested many times before.

    I also vote +1 to this.
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      oh nice idea

      I see many members in my guild needs help for low lvl map, such as badlands(a short map)

      I want to help them, as it is easy and fast for me, but the attempts restriction really makes me sad, I can only say "sry can't help"
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        I also upvote this. I would love to not have to say "sorry guys, but I need to get exp from mine first." Makes me feel very selfish.
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          Originally posted by AyaSnow View Post
          I also upvote this. I would love to not have to say "sorry guys, but I need to get exp from mine first." Makes me feel very selfish.
          It is not selfish to prioritize your exp over theirs as they should understand that it is their responsibility to stay competitive and not yours. And yes to this suggestion.
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            love it! great idea! And considering the fact that you can do dungeon runs without attempts i dont see why they dont have this option already...
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              +1 for me as well!


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                +1 for me too