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    I work and do not have time for World Beast, it is something that can be auto unlike most other things where it is more important to not auto and where there is not the option. I would love it if it were possible for my toon to be able to auto WB when im offline. Maybe an new building in the game where you can set up auto offline so you can set how many vouchers you want to use in WB and auto other things. Or maybe something more simple like something you can buy in shop that allows you WB auto. I am falling behind because of work in more ways then one on this game. It would be of much help.
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    See the patch update - as long as you can log in, it will auto-resolve I believe.
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      World Boss becomes World Beast, heh.
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        lol yeah because I am World Boss muahahaha, Knight, I am lvl 65 player VIP 7 lvl 8 will destroyer and other astrols are not low. 50k + hp want 100k O.o World boss is made for archers and mages. Knights have to suffer through not making as much gold as everyone else and losing so much hp in Boss fights because they have to stand in front lines. All you can really do is have high HP defense and crazy block around 3000 to not lose hp so much. But then world boss is made for high attackers so your screwed there to. Opinion wise I think knights are forced to spend more money then everyone else because of it and I have seen so many knights quit because it gets hard. So atleast afking would make it easier on me getting a bit more gold to servive and they mages and archers would get more gold to but still I would also get some to stand a little bit of a chance.
        Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.