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    Hi, don't know if this will become reality or not as I don't know if anybody is listening to this and actually thinking to make the game better without sending a raging ticket.
    But well here it goes anyway.
    I know there isn't a actual rule about jumping guild to help your ''friends'' to win GvG battles and a lot of people are abusing that, well those who know are abusing it.
    Can this be changed so people CAN'T jump guild to guild to help out others and then straight back into their own, as we have one of them jumping all the time every single battle, every single week since the server opened. Implement some sot of Ban or punishment for it. as we have over 100 players in guild that are ****** off(sorry for language) about it and will be ready to quit the game because of that and they spend quiet a lot of money that will be lost from R2 for ever.

    Let I know this is a VERY long shot for the creators to hear this, but well I hope somebody can hear it and maybe do finally something about it.

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    Sadly there are alot of topics about this already, and im pretty sure the Mods etc. already know about this.
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      well I hope thet do, at this stage it's just getting sick of playing this game if it will continue like that