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S24,S27,S33 world boss hp issue!

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  • S24,S27,S33 world boss hp issue!

    Hello R2,
    I am Lulula who come from S24, after we merged with S27 and S33, the world boss hp increased once, but after that the world boss hp never increased again, but out average br are almost increased more tahn 50% for most players.
    In recent two days, the world boss hp even dropped, the hp of BLLODFANG was about 170m, recent two days it dropped to 115m, other two boss are stay the same as usual, now my question is how R2 GM decide the world boss hp? By the top BR of the whole server or the actual active palyers in this server? We have many active players, and our total BR is one of the higehst server ( we have 2 Guilds with more than 4m br and 1 Guild with more than 3m BR), why our world boss never increase hp since merge and even start to drop hp in recent two days?
    Our world boss can barely stand for 10 minutes

    Please help us solve this issue !

    Thank you so much !


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    Please file a ticket.

    I would think that world boss hp should not be dropping.
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      would boss dose need more hp. or the lower lvl people won't get anything cause the stronger people will kill it to fast. so ither increase the hp or make more then 1 wb. depending on lvl groups.


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        All of Kongregate's bosses need about twice as much hp as well.


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          The WB hp should be ajust to the average BR of the server and the number of player on the server.


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            Yes please R2 do something about this please increase HP on boss


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              pease GM R2 do something about WB


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                Pls do something with WB , Bloodflang is reduce,and all earnings are from day to day worse and worse.
                Thank you


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                  Yes, it would be nice if something was done about World Bosses as described above, and as far as submitting a ticket regarding this request, I wouldn't even waste my time w/ it, cause all that is going to be done is be redirected/suggested back here to the forums(funny how it seems that you get the run around alot on this game w/ tickets, & the forum). If you do submit a ticket Lulula, I wish you luck.