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lvl 50 troop - not balanced abilities

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  • lvl 50 troop - not balanced abilities

    Well, many of you know, the lvl 50 troops are Spellsword and Dark Mage

    So the following is their specialty in Chinese Version

    Click image for larger version

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    deal 170% dmg to single random enemy, 50% trigger rate

    Dark Mage
    Click image for larger version

Name:	War007.jpg
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ID:	1734480
    deal 80% dmg to all enemies, 35% trigger rate

    So what I want to say is, everyone must choose Spellsword, but not Dark Mage!


    1. HP

    So everyone knows, PATK troop has higher HP than MATK

    This is normal

    2. Dmg

    So 170% to single, and 80% to all, which one do you think is better?

    I think most of ppl choose 170% to single

    Reason is that we don't know the number of enemies, so "80% to all" maybe to 1, 2 enemies, which is not efficient.

    So with these 2 reasons, I think only a few of players will choose Dark Mage

    I don't know why the weak MATK troops are so weak

    My suggestion is:
    1) Increase the specialty dmg of Dark Mage, e.g. 95% to all enemies
    2) Add one effect of the specialty of Dark Mage, e.g. 30% chance to: reduce casting speed by 50%/stun 1 turn/drain HP, etc

    I hope r2games will consider my suggestion before patch 1.5 is fully released

    So what do you guys think? Do you think the abilities of lvl 50 troops are balanced?
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    dun need to guess much.... that will OP mage -1


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      -1 agreed as mage goes OP ... if troops get heal or even arena dmg skill already too over power


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        assuming R2 keeps the same values as in the chinese version...
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