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the truth they want to hide

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  • the truth they want to hide

    Do you know why cross server rankings don´t show beyond rank 100? why they don´t show all players? Cuz this way, will be public the number of players in this game.

    few days ago a players released a non official rank, were you can see you rank in a more detailed way. For my surprise, only 7k players. What is a epic fail for a game like this. The Sims got 1,3 millions Daily players.

    They know things are going bad, the investor want some result (money), and the only way for r2 is to milk more money for the already exhausted players.

    that is why they are doing crazy things to gain more money...

    Cuz they are in despair......

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    I was the forum mod that talked with the player about their unofficial ranking site and told them what they needed to do in order to make it a official wartune fan site and that it would be a good idea to contact r2 to get permission to access the servers and see if r2 was open to the idea of helping improve his site....
    the player concerned, has done the same thing with other sites and offers a good quality service... i would recommend it to players that are interested in seeing how they stack up against other players

    if you want to tell the truth... tell the truth....
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      i heard theres still 200 ppl online to gang the WB. so 152 server x 200 = 30000 active players. not sure tho...
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