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Suggestion: Eternal World Boss

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    Originally posted by R26741713 View Post
    KnowingEyes, you obviously don't have an archer at all or you would realize crit rate is not just dmg to an archer, it is also a main source of rage building. If they reduce the crit rate to get archer dmg more in-line with other classes our rage gen drops to nothing and we would be reduced to nothing but arrowshot. K night builds mad rage with lots of different things, a mage builds rage just from dmging something with thier passive, an archers passive only gives 5 rage on a crit. And the archer advantage on WB is the offset to the Knights rage gen and the mages AoE. The other 2 classes shine in dungeons and PVP, archers own WB. Seems fair to me.
    First of all, a mage gains +2 rage per attack with their passive maxed out. Against an archer this becomes moot since most attacks are not separated by 2 or less rage points - RoF = 16, Meteoric = 30, Damnation = 30 (25 if you QTE), Delphic Thunder = 80, Thunderer = 50, Delphic Thunder Frenzy = 100. The +2 boost is entirely moot since the only things that are remotely close in rage costs for a mage are Restoration (35) and Suntoria (30) and it won't make a whole lot of difference when an archer is plunking 3 attacks into a WB for every one done by a mage or knight. How much rage do you get each attack? At a nearly 3:1/3:2 attack rate, that impacts your rage build.

    Again, keep in mind that this is WB only, not outside of WB.

    To say that the others shine in Dungeons and PvP - bollocks. I routinely get pwned by archers in PvP because of the nature of balance in the game (that is Archers pwn Mages, Mages pwn Knights, Knights pwn Archers). The only thing more dangerous than 3 well developed mages in 3v3 PvP Arena is three archers, so don't even try to argue that Archers don't do well in PvP. It's bollocks. It is dependent on who you fight, but mechanically, everyone has weaknesses.

    I agree with KnowingEyes that unbalanced WB is not justified because you think other elements of the game are unbalanced when they are not.
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      Ok let there be 3 permanent world bosses, and you will be given 30/30 WB attempts. More attempts can be purchased with balens, (instead of cooldown). Maximum attempts would be say 50/50 per day. It would probably work out about 30 to 35 balens per extra attempt. You are still killed on the 6th turn against a wb. You have to try and maximise the damage you do during those 6 rounds. Rewards will be based on damage dealt, the top three, would receive rewards in the same way that arena rewards are given. Daily quests can be used to issue rewards for damage dealt to each wb. I got bored writing this.....