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OK players, help the mods out.......

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  • OK players, help the mods out.......

    I need the players help with info but you have to go easy on me because....
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    the BG... reports of afk more then 2 minutes, you get booted out ( patched servers )

    no changes to the number of players in a GB, its still capped at 50

    any info about the prize changes to the GB

    lol I have no had any chance to create a account on any of the patched servers so I can not answer some players questions.... so any help would be helpfuyl
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    ill help if needed


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      Can confirm the no more afking in Battlegrounds. Happened today and confirmed with my guild on S1

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        maybe afk for 1 min get booted out and cant join back again for that day.
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          Originally posted by R3_Yura View Post
          ill help if needed
          you might of missed the point here :P
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