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Is BG ever going to get fixed?

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  • Is BG ever going to get fixed?

    OK - who cares about clothes - they will not help a low-40s player in BG against lvl 50s and up.

    Hey, R2, how about fixing up the BGs so that lvl 40 doesn't have to fight lvl 60? You promised....
    I am willing to take my admittedly poor chances against any 41-50, but against higher players, our chances are completely nil.
    I have stopped doing BGs for now, as it is a total waste of time and energy for me to play that.

    As far as clothes goes, they are so stupid-looking that u absolutely will not see me buying any!!

    At the point where I stop making any progress with my character, I will probably lose interest in the game.

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    read post 4
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      I have read it several times, wondering if it's just vaporware. Having finally seen posts from servers where it has apparently been implemented,
      I await BG changes with interest. The clothing, however, still stinks, as it is ugly AND expensive - just another boost for big cashers.

      I hope we will still be able to move our cities between existing sets, as putting us all in the same set will simply make for more bullying and predation.

      Also, a well-meant suggestion for your sig, which exposes you as a complex person - please fix the spelling of 'writting' -- <large smile here>