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need advice from professional mag

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  • need advice from professional mag

    hi guys iam Mag lv 58 my mag attack is 11296
    and my astral of mag attack is lv 4 and
    also enhanced will desyroyer lv 4 .. 20% damage
    now i can lvl up once to lv 5 i dont have enuogh gold to lv up both
    so i need help about lvl up wich one will be better and increase damage
    mag attack astral or / will destroyer to be 25% damage

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    once you get lvl 50+ and doing alot more damage Will Destroyer becomes the better astral


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      EWD always, whatsoever, those 5% is always a lot more.
      (Well, after lcl 50~ the 5% is more, cept voicher buff on wbs)
      S166. lvl: 78(soon/is)
      Mage: Existence (G.M)
      BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!


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        omg if u will use brain u must umderstand that +5% matk better if u penetrate opponents defense
        class balance ****
        cash - noncah balance ****

        so game ****? - ye

        dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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          okay, actually there is no 'better' astral. It all depends who you're fighting.
          MATK astral will give you + 216 MATK. This is equal to +113 dmg.
          Now Will Destroyer astral will only make you hit more than that if that 5% extra dmg is more than 113.
          This means that if your MATK is 2260 higher than your biggest opponents, you should go for Will destroyer. Since your MATK is 11296, you have to look at you opponents MDEF. These are the people you are currently competing with. This can also be a World Boss; but if you do alot of world bosses you shold deffinitely go for Will Destroyer.
          Back to PvP, check your opponents MDEF's. Are these MDEF's lower than 9036 (11296-2260) you should go for Will Destroyer.
          Here's a quick summary:
          -You are a WB freak? Go for Will Destroyer
          -You are a top player on yur server? Go for Will Destroyer
          -The people you compete with have an avg MDEF that is LOWER than 9036? Go for Will Destroyer.
          -The people you compete with have an avg MDEF that is HiIGHER than 9036? Go for MATK astral.

          Hope this helped,

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            perfect answer thx for help