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Archer Gear?

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  • Archer Gear?


    Which set is best for archer?

    50 PvE Legendary, 55 PvP, or 60 PvE epic? Also is it much harder to get 60 PvE without 50 PvE? I am asking because of the changes to summoner that will come, before I was going to just get 60 PvE but now maybe I should just get 50 PvE since it will be faster?

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    With the limit now, I think it is better that you farm the level 60 PvE set instead. If you're already in the 60s. Since being unable to burn all your keys at once, farming level 50 set and sacrificing your exp your a set of gear that is not of your level is a bit wasted and will halt your progress on leveling or increasing talents.
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      Get the 50 rage set without farming or skeleton keys, use 55 set if you can't make it. Base 60 set is doable with 55 set.
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