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holy seal needs to be fixed

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  • holy seal needs to be fixed

    now before all the haters coma at me sayin im whining to hell with u anyway..ok here goes holy seal is ruining this game takes no skill to stun sumone..its for weak players..especially when u have the bright idea to merge servers of course the older server has higher seals..u get stunned n even when stuns over u cant cast..seal would be much better if it was instant dmg only or maybe stun u till u get hit once...we all know r2 instituted the seal usin exp cause they r too incimpetent to keep up with their players was all a scam to give them more time for higher content..i for 1 an totally feed up with this whole stun issue..i think i might go back to warcraft way cheaper n just a way better game..thank you for ur the whiny comments commence like i care what u ppl think..

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    .... then why should we care or r2 care if u dun care
    ppl these days
    crappy me me mentality


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      Skill is pretty irrelevant in this game in general.

      But getting lots of exp in the 60+ groups can be pretty tough

      The age of servers is no longer relevant, we're all bracketed when we meet in both BG and Arena, if you chose to level up rather than level your HS and you get stunned how is that R2s fault?

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        [QUOTE=haverster; the whiny comments commence like i care what u ppl think..[/QUOTE]

        I think you have this covered........


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          HS has been fixed takes longer to use than any other skill now. You start a battle off with HS and you'll go nearly last. I quit using it for that very reason unless I know full well I'll stun the other player. But to be realistic they had to implement the talents to slow down the leveling and to be realistic...why invest in talents that serve no real purpose in the game?

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            Hmm... investing in some talents gives you the ability to recast some skills sooner. With the rage gain from PvE sets, having skills available asap is an extra perk that most people would need. And it is needed as you progress through the Spire, where you can't stop the battle mid way.
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              holy seal is 1 of few things who work nearly 100% perfekt so why fixe it just becuse some player want to hit max lvl in no time so ther can sit beat all easy, talent help lower lvl to beat high lvl player who only care about the lvl and be strong, now ther has a chance to beat them.